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Jannet Hopewel Ministries Scotland
A substantial proceed from the sale of our products are used to support the local and international work of the
Jannet Hopewell Ministries Scotland. It is a Scottish registered charity with Registered Charity No.SC04286
They are a Company Limited By Guarantee with Registration No.411654. They have been working to assist vulnerable people since 2012. They are also known as JHM

Their Work & Aims
Helping abused women and children.
Raise awareness and provide information on the impact of domestic abuse and violence against women and their children.
Campaign against sex abuse, sex trafficking and forced prostitution.
Stand symbolically with the victims and survivors of domestic abuse and violence.
Taking keen interest in their recovery and healing process that enables them to start life afresh, free from fear or intimidation.
Taking a strong stand on PREVENTING domestic violence & sex abuse.
Working to provide safe havens for women and their children fleeing or suffering the effects of domestic violence!
They aim to break the cycle of domestic abuse in the next generation by giving women the opportunity to remove themselves and their children from destructive and unsafe environments.
They stand with women and work to raise their level of dignity and honour by affirming their value, identity & purporse (VIP) in life.
They Provide empowerment, educational support, training, microfinance support, to disadvantaged women.
They work to provide shelter, housing support & other aids to disadvantaged women & their children.
They provide wellness, health, hospitality care packages to disadvantaged women, girls, children & vulnerable elderly people.
They provide nutritional supplements & feeding care packages & aid support to vulnerable women, children and vulnerable older people.
They provide seasonal gift boxes (packages) to the children of disadvantages parents at Easter & Christmas to lift up their spirits.
They provide support & educational access to physically disabled girls & orphans in the third world.
They work in Scotland and in other nations.

Their Leadership Academy Project
They are strongly committed to setting up and building a Jannet Hopewell Leadership Academy for Girls in Ng'kanumbe, Mombasa, Kenya in 2022, where disabled & able body young girls from poor homes in the Chakka Villages, living in poverty & destitution are deprived of access to good quality education. The aim is to provide a first class school facility for these girls where they are educated with pride and dignity and not toiling on a farm somewhere or being given away prematurely in marriage. The children will attend school together daily, be well fed, provided with books & uniforms and are elevated in life to become champions.

Can you help?
They need funding, partners, volunteers, helpers and those feel called and whose hearts are moved to help, to please join them and partner with them to achieve this goal.

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Email to: [email protected]
Tel: 44 0131 258 1573

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