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This book is titled DOMINION and Subtitled: 'An Adam Conversation With The Father' is a very unique conversational book in a class all by itself, in that it fully engages everything that has to do with a man and openly dicusses how to help man take dominion over the earth as he really is supoosed to.

God created man and gave him DOMINION over the earth but he lost it. God has been trying ever since to get ADAM and his kind back home.

Man lost dominion and the enemy still retains a substantial control over him in so many areas of his life as well as the life of his children. For Adam's (man) sake, the institution of marriage was ordained by God and Eve was called out to help birth Adam out and also help him prosper. She was, is and will always be the most suitable helper for Adam. (Genesis 2v18)

SHE is Adam's own unique DNA. SHE is Adam in the opposite - period!

SHE has the spiritual power, talent, essence, prophetic gifts, vision, beauty, poise, promise and the authentic womb power to help Adam prosper. Unless we awaken Adam from his slumber, the enemy will rob him blind of all that remains of his destiny & blessing.

Eve (The Woman) is a major part of the final solution. If you are an Adam (a man) who has been thirsty for a long time and looking for answers & has been waiting for a WORD from God to set you free, then, this book is for you. It will open your eyes! It holds the keys to many doors for you.

Every Adam (man) or son of ADAM living on this earth will benefit from the prophetic knowledge given in this book. The destiny of MAN is thoroughly re-examined from a SOUL angle throughout this book.

If you or your ADAM have been waiting for a FRESH Word and you need answers or explanations from God on these issues of your gender, life, relatonship, marriage, value, identity, purpse and much more, then this book is written just for you.

Warning: The message in this book may be too rich for some folks! It may challenge and stretch your theology, so Spiritual discretion is seriously advised!

This book is written to help you know who a man truly is from God's own perpective. It is aimed at helping men renew their mind & rediscover their true Value, Identity, Purpose (VIP) on earth.

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The Spiritual & Soul Conversation is about renewing your thinking and bringing your thought process into full alignment with God.

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